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Being brought up in Kenya means growing up in a slum for the majority of children. Now more than ever, the
children of our world need our aid.
Most orphan children are a result of being abandoned by their parents due to excess drinking, poverty, and orphans who are left destitute after the death of their parents. A child may have a parent who is either unable to, or unwilling, to care and provide basic and primary necessities for them.

We aim to rehabilitate children with interpersonal development skills, medical care, and building of their self-esteem to thrive in any community.

We provide a living atmosphere conducive to children. No family would leave their children at an orphanage. The answer is clear, they had no other option.

Without the ability and capability to provide primitive and basic necessities, leaving their children at an orphanage is the best option.

Here’s why, at the very least, the guardians know that their children are receiving food. That’s it.

It’s that simple, that basic.

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