Prem Shah

Prem Shah has versatile business experience and expertise across the globe. He is associated with numerous business ventures in the United Stated of America, India, Africa, and many other countries. His years of experience in renewable power and infrastructure development projects have allowed him to position companies into new market sectors. Some of these companies being Shree Rajlaxmi Power Ltd. India, Green Globe Renewable Energy Ltd. Kenya, SRL Global USA, and many more. Being involved in development of Scalable Energy Monitoring, as well as Reporting and Energy Efficient Project Management, Mr. Shah has been able to provide services to many countries.
Prem Shah is a valued team advisor internationally. He has served as a major player in providing a network of funding for large projects, such as the largest logistics firm in India, and the merging of policies and practices for involved countries. He has been catering to many US companies like Torin Drive International, Toaster Inc., TLV and many more.
Mr. Shah spent over 20 years in international business introducing multiple big business’s with a minimum investment of $100M throughout multiple countries, thus creating jobs and opportunities for the overall economy. With his acute understanding of global businesses he continues to position companies to enter foreign requirements and cater to the host country. As a valued member of many global companies he has served as CEO for most companies, with the most recent being CEO of the United States arm of a large logistics firm. His experience with policies and practices of countries, as well as his experience and knowledge of the solar industry has allowed him to begin rebuilding other countries with smart technology. Mr. Shah spent over 20 years working in the United States, Kenya and India including involvement with the development of the over 1000MW of solar projects under various stages of development. He currently operates from the USA as a strategic liaison between local developers and governments in India and Africa. Mr. Shah establishes joint business operations from grassroots companies to international scaling. Some of the most recent companies being Energy Concept, Laura Ventures, One Globe, Swanerton Group, Teleformer and many more.

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